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  • Victoria Holman


I've been encouraged by well meaning people to put my artwork on products to sell such as mugs, shower curtains, pillows etc. My artwork lends itself beautifully to decorative items but at what cost? I still feel pangs of guilt when I think of the thousands of prints and notecards that I've sold that were mounted on foam board and wrapped in plastic. Those packaging items are now lying in a landfill and will take hundreds of years to decompose. Meanwhile, the iron wheels of our vast consumer culture plow over all tender life and poison the very earth we depend on.

Besides my distaste for plastic, I loathe the thought of self promotion and consider it a vulgarity. As a woman, I'm perfectly happy to feed little animals, to cook, clean, paint, read, and play music. I don't want to impose my will on anything or to compete with the vast hordes trying to make a buck out in the world. I don't care to have "stuff". I want my life to be simple and to pass from this earth leaving the smallest footprint possible.

My Flower Fairies as notecards soon to be wrapped in plastic

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