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  • Victoria Holman


Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I came into my artistic style at a young age through a love of 19th Century Art Nouveau, a genre influenced by the Japanese woodblock prints which were being imported to Europe at the time, and collected by a growing middle class.

In my 9th grade year at school, an older and much wiser friend introduced me to a book containing the illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley, an artist from the late 19th Century who died too young. I fell in love with his beautiful black and white drawings in pointillist patterns depicting a strange and erotic world. He was my first introduction to Art Nouveau.

Afterwards, I became familiar with the other artists of that era whose paintings of sinuous flowers and oriental aesthetic would speak to my feminine soul as nothing in modern art ever could.

I adore the curving line, the wind blowing through hair, the waves of clouds over undulating seas. The dream of unselfconscious beauty.

Summer Rain

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